Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cole handled the blood transfusion well. His heart rate dropped for a second during the critical time period after the transfusion; giving Ashley a good scare but, it was just because he was in a deep sleep. They changed his pulse/oxygen sensor right after the transfusion and his levels were up in the high 80s. Now was that because of the sensor or because of the transfusion? They took him off of his oxygen to see how he would do and he seems to be holding up well.

He is not allowed to eat right now. They want to make sure he would be ready for his surgery if it's going to happen today. The doctor said we should know by 11 am if he will be going back or not.
The fact that we can wait is a good thing. They aren't as worried about his stability as they were when we first got here and can think things through a little bit longer.

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