Friday, July 15, 2011

Labs Back

Cole's liver labs came back from this morning and everything looks perfect. They want to monitor him for another 48 hours to see if his SATS stay consistent. Which we didn't have a specific time line before... always just got a "couple of days" type answer.  I think they think he's still hanging out up in the 80s from the blood transfusion and oxygen he was on. We remember Owen's would always stay higher for a while after that stuff. I would guess on Monday they would talk with everyone and see what they want to do.

He was miserable last night. He cried for atleast  an hour and we couldn't figure out what was wrong.  Ashley figured out after I left that he was probably too hot and had a heat rash.

CHOP has been a madhouse the last two days. The lobby has been packed full of people and media types. They launched an in house radio station for the kids to use. It's because of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation
They repainted the whole downstairs because of it. Ryan Seacrest, Selena Gomez, and David Akers were here to launch the station. Kids will be able to call in and request songs, actually go into the studio and be the DJ and talk about hospital life. It's a good way to help the patients be able to interact with other patients more.

I'm just glad I'm able to watch the tour defrance. woowhoo

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