Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruff week...

We had a pretty ruff week. Cole has been miserable and not really sleeping since he's been home. We think the soreness is starting to go away, finally.  Last night he did really well and slept most of the night and all morning.  We were able to take him to the grocery store with barely any screaming, barely.

They took his stitches out at his cardiology appointment on Friday. They were impressed with his weight gain and will be doing monthly ECHOS to see how is pulmonary arteries grow so they can do his next surgery ASAP. Most likely before November she said. She did give us some stronger pain medication to give Cole since the Tylenol they prescribed us wasn't doing anything. We didn't give him much of the Tylenol anyway because of the whole "Tylenol is a liver killer" thing.

We were having a small scheduling issue with our pediatricians office. We had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday but, canceled it because Cole was so miserable and we didn't think getting his 2 month shots was going to help him in anyway. So, they couldn't see him until August 23rd. That was pretty far away but, whatever. That was the closest day they had available. A few days later we got a call from the pediatrician. The actual doctor not the office. He was calling to check up and see how Cole was doing after his surgery and what was up with canceling until the 23rd. Ashley explained everything and he said, "I'll fit you in somewhere." Now Cole's appointment is this Tuesday.

Cole is two months old today! That means bear pictures. He's going to be bigger then the bear very soon the way he grows.

Cole fell asleep literally between shots...


  1. Great pics and praising God that the week ended on an upswing. We continue to pray for you.


  2. love love love the photos Ian! Happy day, Cole! hugs all around. thanks for the update ;)