Monday, July 25, 2011

Home At Last

Well they were going to try keep us if Cole didn't get his hearing test. Audiology came in first thing in the morning and he wasn't sleeping. We knew they were going to try to keep us for something completely unrelated to his surgery. They did give him an ECHO that he pretty much screamed through the whole thing. This guy was good or completely insensitive. He got everything he needed and didn't let the screaming make him stop and throw a hissy fit like prior ECHOs we've had. Audiology came by again and I was praying "Lord, for the love of all things sane in life, please let this child sleep through this test." And he did. The whole thing. Twice! She couldn't get a good read so she had to do it again and tried a few more gizmos to get it. She said she couldn't pass the right ear. {Which if I could of sworn the right passed last time and the left didn't} She said there is some variables but she would recommend a follow up appointment. Yes! Now there was no reason to keep us. This was around 12. I think around 3:30 or 4 they came in and told us we could get ready to go home. Of course, CHOP is infamous for letting you out at rush hour. Scenic ride home and it hasn't rained the whole time we were in the hospital until we were on our way home and had to carry a bunch of bags into the house.

Cole still has some pain. Mainly when he burps or has the hiccups. He'll scream and scream and scream until his hiccups go away. We have a pediatrician appointment on Wednesday then back down to CHOP on Friday to get his stitches out and a follow up with them.

Let's see how he does back in his own bed.


  1. That tummy gas is the worse thing... even for an adult. I know I'm not looking forward to it having my own surgery (C-section) in just a few weeks.

    I'm so glad to hear/read that you're home. Wonderful. Wonderful.

  2. Thats great to hear you guys are home!
    Have a great weekend!