Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Update

 Cole is still in the ICU only because there are no rooms available in the CCU. His belly was quite distended the past few days but, today it went down allot. He had a bunch of good bowel movements that helped him out. He hasn’t taken allot of pain medication today. I think he got a dose in the morning and that was it. He seemed to still be in some pain later in the night but, he fell asleep before we could give it to him so, we just let him be. His appetite seems to be getting back to what it was pre-surgery. Ashley hasn’t breastfed him yet since she still isn’t staying at the hospital. Once he is in the CCU she’ll probably start. She’ll be able to stay at his bedside then. We’re hoping a bed opens up in the CCU tomorrow, that’ll be one step closer to home for Cole and we are all ready to get home.  It’s rare that they discharge kids on the weekend though so we won’t hold our breath for an opening.

We did hold him a few times too. It’s still a little weird. You don’t want to hurt him and any sound he might make makes you think you did something to put him in pain. You have a list of ways you can’t hold him and things he can’t do for 6 weeks that’ll make your head spin. The one nurse told us not to worry about it too much but, you don’t want to damage your kid’s ribcage for the rest of his life either.

They did take his bandage off and his incision looks like it’ll heal beautifully. Of course they’ll be opening it up again in a few months hopefully it’ll look just as good then, too.

They haven’t completely taken him off oxygen yet. They’re still running room air through his nose. I think they’re going to see how he does without it tonight or tomorrow.   

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