Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surgey Date

We finally have an actual surgery date.  It is set for Thursday, July 21st.  Yes, it is sort of annoying that we have to wait 4 more days we were hoping to get the surgery over with.  As I said before I am just thankful that we have our own room with our own bathroom.  It is crazy how dead it is around here on the weekend and how during the weekdays this place is buzzing! 

Cole got weighed today and is now up to 10lbs!!!!  Little Fattie!!!  He smiled at me purposely today for the first time!  Soooo cute!!  He is so alert when he is awake and very vocal.  We are so in love with our little guy!  He is such an easy going baby. 

Thanks for the continued prayers.  Please, pray that surgery and recovery go very smoothly.  They told us babies go home between 4 days and 2 months after open heart surgery.  Pray that it will be the 4 days!!! 

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  1. Praying for you guys! Our kids ask us everyday if there are any more updates on Cole.... thanks for keeping us all updated on how we can pray for you guys!