Wednesday, July 13, 2011


They did some blood work to check for any sort of infection or a low hemoglobin level thinking one of these may be causing the drop in his oxygen level, but everything came back normal.  As of now we don't really know much.  The only things we have heard is that they want to get Cole in for his surgery ASAP.  Although, we want a specific surgeon and his schedule is full so Cole will be an add on.  They are most likely one going to do a partial repair and then in a few months do the full repair.  Cole's pulmonary arteries haven't grown at all since he is born and he has gained 3 lbs since birth.  He is doing really well with gaining weight everyone is thrilled about that.  The doctors have no concern about Cole's liver at this point!  Praise God!!  So, as I was writing this they came in and said they are going to give him a blood transfusion to see if that will bring his oxygen levels up a bit in hopes that they MAY be able to hold off on surgery a bit.

Thanks for praying!

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  1. Praying for you Ian and Ash and especially Cole. We love you guys.