Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Night:

Cole's IV failed today. They kept telling us it "flushed beautifully" and Ashley kept saying, "No, no, it's just leaking all out." Well IV team came up and sure enough it was just leaking out. They didn't put a new one in. They decided to give him a break from it until tomorrow. It's a good idea because that gives it less chance to fail before his surgery. {He'll need it for surgery}

 Audiology stopped by again...When he was awake... Again. This girl actually gave us her pager number so we could page her when he fell asleep. Unfortunately, IV team was supposed to come at the same time so we never paged her. IV didn't come until later. We aren't worried about the hearing thing. They have plenty of days to come back and try. He probably won't sleep long enough for them to do their thing.

 We heard from our fill in cardiologist today that she to got a call from Dr. Natarajan. Asking what is she doing to her Cole. That makes three cardiologist that have talked to her so far. So much for resting up?

Cole's buddy Zac came to visit him tonight, in the day time Cole was practicing his scary face for Zac...
The practice paid off. They were able to nail it in unison for the camera.
All in good fun of course...