Saturday, May 22, 2010


I guess post #4 got deleted.

What a day!!!!  Owen was fine, just a little irritable for the past week, but we just assumed it was because he just got teeth.  He was here at CHOP yesterday for routine blood work and a couple of transplant appointments.  Right when we got home we got a phone call from GI telling us to come back in for repeat labs due to his electrolytes being funky.  We were hoping it would be a quick thing and we would be back home in no time..  Little did we know how bad Owen really was!!!  All the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Department were totally frazzled and then once we can upstairs to the CICU the doctors up here were totally frazzled.  At that point they had the repeat lab results and things were getting worse.  They wanted labs every 4 hours to make sure things weren't progressing too quickly.  Well, Owen continued to get worse and worse as the night went on.  Ian left to go home at about 3:30am.  We figured Owen was stable.  Just about as soon as Ian left Owen started getting really unconsolable.  I told the nurses that something was not right.  Owen was in a LOT of pain!!!  He is normally easily consolable.  Poor baby!!  He seemed like he was constipated he would arch his back and throw a fit.  We tried a glycerin suppository and that didn't help at all so then we finally gave him tylen*l.  After, he finally settled down after not getting a good nap during the day and no sleep at night due to constant tests and blood work.  It wasn't more then 5 minutes that he was sleeping and I had just laid down to go to sleep and all the doctors and nurses come swarming.  I had NO clue what so ever was going on.  All I could see is that his heart rate was dropping.  I left the room....  I couldn't be there watching all of the doctors frantic yelling orders to the nurses and have no idea what was going on.  I just told one of the nurses outside the door that I would be down the hall and please keep me updated.  I called all of our immediate family and told them to get down here.  Everyone got here fairly quickly.  Although, as I was trembling alone it felt like forever.  They called on the loud speaker "All attending physicians to room 6 bed 6."  Owens room.....  I was sick....  Then I heard them call the social worker to 6 south.  Owens floor....  I knew something was seriously wrong...  I called Ian and said "Owen died I am so afraid Owen died" it was the most horrible feeling ever....  Then the doctor wanted me to come back to Owens room to talk to me because he was very unstable and she just told me that he went into cardiac arrest and that they had to bring him back once and that if it happens again she doesn't know if she will be able to save him...  The Lord certainly gave me peace!!!  I managed to hold myself together.  Praise God Owen just keeps getting better and better.  He holds true to the meaning of his name "Young Fighter."  Little did we know when we picked his name... 

Owen is gradually getting better!  His labs keep coming back better and better and he is starting to look more like himself.  They just gave him a dose of morphine to keep him calm.  They are doing a head and a belly ultrasound.  Head ultrasound to check to make sure he didn't have any bleeding in the brain that caused anything and then to make sure that he didn't have any bleeding due to the chest compressions.  They are checking his tummy to make sure there isn't any blockage.  They seem to think that Owen may have just got a stomach bug?  Hopefully, that is it!! 

I am running on no sleep in the past 30 hours or more.  Ian and I are going to the Ronald McDonald House to sleep tonight.  We are praying for an uneventful night and that Owen will get better quickly.  I hate to leave my baby.  It is very hard for me, but since he isn't nursing I feel like I should get some sleep so I can better care for him when he is able to nurse.  They are hoping to pull the breathing tube out tomorrow and perhaps I will be able to nurse him?  I guess it depends on who is the doctor. 

We will keep you up to date as we know more of what is going on.  Please, continue to pray that Owen will remain stable. 

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. 



  1. Ashley what an EXTREMELY difficult night & day you all have been through. I'm so glad that God's hand is upon all of you & that you are feeling it. There are sooooo many people praying for this little fighter! Thank you & Ian for keeping everyone up-to-date on all that you are going through. We're sending love & MANY prayers!

  2. ash, my heart breaks for you and for that precious little babe. But what a wonderful feeling to know that he is safely held in the palm of the Almighty's hand. Praying that you and Ian feel His hands upholding you at this time! So thankful that little buddy seems to be improving! We serve an awesome GOD!!!! Love you! ~~ Aunt Amy

  3. You all are in our prayers. Praying for a new liver for your little boy!!!
    (your mom's friend :))

  4. Ash & Ian, we're praying for you both and for Owen! God is so amazing in how He gives grace to those who need it. I cannot imagine going through what you just described but I also know God is so faithful and our ever present help in time of need! So glad to hear you are feeling His presence and we'll be praying in faith for a speedy and complete recovery for Owen and the peace only God can give for both of you!

  5. The two of you and your strong little man are in our thoughts! I cant imagine what the past 30 hours been like. We hope for that liver for Owen to come very soon and for a fast recovery! We are so glad to read he is doing better after yesterday. We pray for God to give you the strength you need to get through this very trying time.