Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Complicated!!

Oh my is all I can say!!!  It has been quite the day!  Last night Owen's last IV went bad so they had to take it out.  They said he would be okay without it since he is on all oral meds.  Well, then this morning the new doctor had a fit that he didn't have an IV in and said that he needed one.  IV team came in and tried 3 times unsuccessfully.  Then a doctor from the PICU came down to try and put a PIC line in.  UNSUCCESSFULLY.  Then, another doctor was able to get an IV in his foot on the first try.  UGH soooooo annoying!!!  Dr. Natarajan was notified and came to his room all upset?  Thinking something was terribly wrong.  After, all the drama she said she felt like it was best that he be transferred to the PICU, AGAIN.  So, Owen has been in 5 rooms since he was here in the Emergency Dept. last Friday.  With all that said they want him NPO today incase they need to take him to the Operating Room to put the PIC line in.  They, might also stick a needle in his tummy to relieve some of his fluid.  Poor little guy!!  He has had such a rough time here.  He must feel like a pin cushion.  His whole body is practically black and blue.  There aren't very many more places they can stick him.  It is so hard watching or even knowing what your baby has to go through.  Did I ever say the nurses are far from gentle???  Owen just wants Daddy and Mommy and cries as soon as a doctor or nurse even looks at him.  He is beyond exhausted.  He hasn't been sleeping well at all.  I think he got about 5 hours total of sleep last night if that.  They are going to give the lasix another try and if that doesn't work then they will drain the fluid in his tummy.  Hopefully once the lasix kick in or they drain the fluid he will stop vomitting. 

We will let you all know what is going on when we know.  Things are constantly changing.  The doctors are constantly chasing their tails.  They treat him for one thing to have a problem with something else. 

Oh and did I say they want to put a catheter in to see if that will relieve more fluid??  OH BROTHER!!! 

Poor Buddy is all I can say!!!!!!!


  1. oh my... I can understand a little of what you're going through, but not fully. You sound more then exhausted (understandably so)... may you continue to feel God's grace sustaining you.

    Thanks for keeping your posts so honest. It helps us all to know how to continue praying for you all.

  2. One tip that might help you. From now on have a Special Nurse or Dr-usually anthesia is really good at sticks to do all his sticks. Then no matter what hold them to it. THe more missed sticks he gets the more areas that are not available to help him later.

    My prayers go out to you!!! Stay strong and we are praying!

  3. My heart just aches for Owen (and you guys!). We're all praying! I agree about getting an anesthesiologist to put in the lines. We went through that when Ian was a baby and no one could get a line back in. It was so awful. They FINALLY got someone who had the reputation for being the best with babies. It worked, but we just wished they'd done it hours earlier!

  4. my Asher has sickle cell disease and no available veins... so they never get the sticks right, never. So now I tell them only one stick, if you can't get it in one stick, come up with a better plan. I found that the transport team usually can get it in one try :) and the comment above is right, the more missed sticks the more scarring, and less chances for blood. Praying for Owen...