Friday, May 14, 2010

Yesterday, as we were driving somewhere we got a call from CHOP.  I guess now everytime I see CHOP's number on my caller ID I am going to be thinking that there is a liver for Owen.  They just wanted to make sure they have the right numbers incase there becomes a liver available that is perfect for Owen.  They also told us that Owens score for a liver is only 35 not 42 like they originally thought it was.  They said because of his weight his number went down.  Although, the weight they have is not very accurate due to the fact that he had leads on and oxygen tubes...  Oh well, next time they see him in clinic they can get a more accurate weight so they can update his status.  Owen will also need to get blood work done weekly to stay active on the transplant list.  I guess Owen won't get a liver as quickly as they originally thought due to the fact that his number is lower then they thought it would be.  Apparently, with adults their number can only go up to 40 so with Owen he would have originally been bumped up infront of any adult waiting for a liver and they thought that he could get a 1B status.  Status 1 would be children that only have days to live and 1B would be I guess children that are stable, but still in desperate need for a liver.  The doctor told me yesterday that they can write a letter stating that Owen really isn't doing well and that he needs a liver quickly if he would get to that point and doesn't yet have a liver.  Owen's blood type is O which is good because it isn't a rare blood type, but then again there are alot of people waiting with a O blood type.  Owen is in God's hands and only the Lord knows when that perfect liver will be available for our little man.  In these days and weeks ahead pray for the dear family that will loose a loved one, but will give Owen a new liver, a second chance.

We are blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family members that are so ready to serve us and help us out with anything and everything.  We love you!!


  1. Doesn't that feel strange to think about it like that? It's true... there will be someone's life passed - a families dear loss- just so that Owen will recieve a second chance, at life.

    It is ALL in God's hands... we'll continue to be praying with you.

  2. and we love all of you!!!!