Monday, May 24, 2010

Owen had a really good night.  He woke up and fed around 10:30 from a bottle and fell right back to sleep til about 3:40; woke up and was reaching for his toys that we have laying next to him. I think the next time he woke up was in the 6 o clock hour. Each time he polished off each bottle. Yes, Owen actually drank from bottles! They did take him off of his nasal oxygen just to see how he would do and his levels went to where they usually are, they put it back on after a while. I think last time they said that they wanted him on oxygen whenever he is here just because it can't hurt.
Ashley and I stayed at the Ronald Mcdonald House again. We decided she should get one more night of sleep while she still can. My mom has graciously stayed with Owen both nights to give Ashley peace of mind.
One thing I don't think we mentioned before was that Owen was very acidotic when we came and they are thinking that the acidosis caused his heart failure. Which goes along with his liver failing. They're still trying to rule everything else out just to be safe. We haven't heard anything about discharge or transfer to the CCU which, is fine by us for now.
Hopefully he'll wake up soon and he'll get to see his parents.


  1. Ashley and Ian, I am continuing to be praying for you all....his recovery is remarkable...he is in God's hands ! Blessings to you this day.

  2. I've been off-line all week... and so, to hear of your "family update" on Sunday...well, wow!
    We know you're hanging in there through God's grace, many thoughts and prayers. I'll go back through your blog posts to "catch-up".

    Praying for healing and miracles. ((hugs))