Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here for the Long Term

It looks like we are going to be here until after Owen get's his new liver. They haven't reactivated him on the list yet. They want to wait and see that he doesn't have anymore episodes. They don't want him to do that when they're in the OR. Our cardiologist is going to continue to talk to the surgeons to debate them on the details of why they want wait. She is convinced it's not going to happen and has strong cases against some of their reasons. But like she said, "These doctors have been doing this for 20 years and know more about transplants then I do and I need to be respectful of that."
They took his ART line out. The nurse bandaged it up and walked out of the room while Ashley went to feed Owen. It bled everywhere. All over Owens face, body, Ashleys' arm and shirt. I ran out grabbed the nurse ran back in an applied as much pressure to it as I could. He then came in and wrapped so tight that Owen was screaming for about 20 minutes until he came back in and loosened. It must of clotted in that time because it seems to be doing well.
 We are being transferred down to the CCU. Which is a good place for us. We know most of the nurses down there and I think we are more comfortable on that floor. He'll be on GI's service though. I guess that means we will have a GI nurse and they will round on him. The cardiology floor has monitors that record the activity while the GI floor doesn't. I think that is the main reason why we will be there.
 Last night Owen was beyond tired and would just not go to bed. There is just too much going on on this floor for him to not be looking out the window at all the people going by. He finally did fall asleep. I forget exactly how we got him to. Ashley said at 3 am they gave him some pain killers and he slept a good long time after that. He is just so swollen and black and blue from the other night that he is just uncomfortable. I'm sure the IV and the ART line weren't feeling to well either.
 He hasn't really gone to the bathroom since Saturday or Sunday and everytime we give him oral medicines he throws them up. I think we are going to have to space them out instead of him getting 5 in one shot.

Has anyone heard of that playground shooting around Temple? We just met one of the moms. Her daughter was shot in the head. She had a very bad experience with  other hospitals before coming here.

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