Monday, May 24, 2010

We are up in the PICU. It's weird being on a different floor then what we are used. All the nurses are different, they're all private rooms, and their family room is lousy compared to the 6th floor.
Not to mention they were having anxiety attacks when they turned his monitor on and saw where his heart rate and oxygen levels are. Ashley breastfed Owen for the first time. They stopped all the antibiotics and steriods that they were using to fight an infection just incase he had one. He tested positive for Rhino virus. They don't think it's related.
Some friends stopped by on their way to OC and brought us some steaz soda! It's the best!
They're giving him some laseks to flush his system from all the fluid they pumped him full of. Since he looks like the michelin man. Tomorrow morning they're going to start giving him his at home medicines to see how he does and to get him back into the routine. I'm not sure if that means discharge is on it's way or not?

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