Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The plan for the day is to get a last draw of labs to test for some metabolic liver diseases.  He was already tested for most of them a couple months ago before he had his Kasai (liver surgery to help open the bile ducts).  They think it's abnormal for what he is diagnosed with for his liver to progress so quickly so, our GI wants to check a couple of others, but you have to remember Owen has been atypical from the beginning.  After, they get those labs they'll take his ART line out and we will be able to really hold him. Then hopefully they'll decide what floor they want us on {GI or Cardiac} since they feel Owen doesn't need intensive care.  He is still very swollen and his belly is HUGE.  They are going to give him some lasixs to help him get rid of some of the fluid.  Although, they have given him a couple of doses already and it makes his potassium levels and other levels come down so then they have to give him more fluid.  It is a vicious cycle.  He took 5 bottles really well and then I nursed him once and now he won't  have anything to do with a bottle!  Little Stinker...  I guess I can't blame him it is the only time they want me holding him due to his ART line.  They always get concerned that it could get pulled out and he could bleed to death.  His poor groin is so black and blue and bleeding.  When he went into cardiac arrest they were trying and trying and trying to get central access so that they could give him mega doses of meds very quickly.  They were never successful at doing so.  I am always surprised when they can't get the art lines in and central lines in.  They do it so easy or with only one stick when they are doing heart catherizations.  Although, with his ART line they had to do a cut down in order to get it in his artery.  I won't get into how they do it.  I am sure most of you would rather not know.  I don't think there is a doctor or nurse that doesn't come in here and say he is sooo cute!!  Obviously we think he is the cutest thing too!  He is starting to act more and more like himself.  He smiled at Ian once last night, but hasn't smiled since.  He tends to not smile much when he is in the hospital.  Can you blame him? 

Pray that Owen can get all of this fluid that is making him so uncomfortable out of his body.  It is also making it so much harder for him to breathe. 

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  1. no you can't blame him for not smiling at the hospital! Praying for this sweet precious treasure!