Friday, May 28, 2010


Owen's service will be held Tuesday, June 1st at branch Creek Community Church. Viewing will be at 9:30 and the service will start at 10:30. Maybe later then that. We haven't worked out all the details yet but, I figured I'd post what we know as of now to help people plan ahead.We should have all the details tomorrow night. Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. There is no way we would make it through this without the thousands of people praying for us. It may be the worse thing for us but, it's the best thing for him. We were just babysitting him for God anyway.

I had a gut feeling when I left the last night and Owen finally smiled at me a few times that I just knew things were drawing to a close. We both just knew it. We never thought a day would as difficult as the one to follow. Ashley had to hold Owen all night because he was just so uncomfortable from the swelling. Then he threw up and after that they wouldn't let him eat. He didn't eat all day. They kept trying to get an IV line in and couldn't do it. They poked him everywhere. It was terrible. He was so dehydrated. I couldn't believe it. We kept telling them there is something wrong with him he can't go this long without eating. This is exactly what happened on Friday night. All day he was just out of it. He wasn't crying when they poked him or being himself.  They finally put a PIC line in him and everyone thought he was out of the woods but, they still wouldn't let him eat. and I was holding him and I put him down because his lead was all weird and he just started blinking weird and then Ashley yelled to me to get out of the way and it was just a blur from then on... They did cpr on him for about 30 minutes with no luck to bring his heart rate back up. As soon as we walked in to see him we said just stop and let him be. He is healed this is God healing him. We love you buddy!Our cardiologist said he was screaming and fighting them before they sedated him to give him CPR. She said he is a fighter til the end.
  Before Owen passed he was reaching up in the air with both hands and I just knew he saw something we couldn't see. He saw God's hand coming down to scoop him up into his loving arms to where he will experience no more pain and suffering. And Owen knows too much about pain and suffering.  He was suffering the whole day, Ashley and I both prayed without knowing it that, the Lord would just take him. I wanted to whisper in Owens' ear so much that it was ok to give up and that I'd still love him regardless but, I just couldn't get myself to do it. I know he knew it.  When I was speeding towards the hospital Saturday morning I saw an ad for a funeral home on the back of the bus. I thought, "That's stupid who advertises a funeral home on the back of a bus" and  "Please God don't let me need that tonight. Not like this!" He gracefully gave us a few more good days with our love before he went home.

 We love you Owen and we miss you!

Branch Creek Community Church
         100 Main Street

     Harleysville, PA 19438
         (215) 256-0100


  1. You guys are so amazing to us! Thank you so much for sharing from the bottom of your hearts! You have blessed so many people, I don't think you will ever realize! Thank God for Owen and for what he has meant to you and all of us! We all will miss him! Thank you for being such a good example of what Christ means to you and what He can do for all of us! We love you guys! We love you Owen, and will miss you! Have fun in the arms of Jesus! We will see you soon!

    The Alburger's

  2. Ash and Ian, you have been an incredible testimony for God these last months. You have shown amazing grace to those around you and you have been the best parents to this precious gift. God picked the best "babysitters" for Owen!!!! We continue to weep with you and to lift you in prayer. We love you!
    Uncle Doug, Aunt Amy and Brooke

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss this side of Heaven ... Your sweet Owen touched so many lives. May God wrap you in His arms of comfort today.

  4. Read about this on decapolis. Praying for your family. The peace of God be with you.