Monday, May 10, 2010

Deep Breath

I'll try to explain this all the best I can but, forgive me if it's more of a rant and out of order.
Owen is a very complicated case. Infact they've never seen a case like Owen before. They've been looking through literature for a case to compare Owens' to and they can't find anything. The closest they've come to is a patient that had a different heart condition and a liver transplant. But of course Owen's heart condition is way different.
The surgeon expressed concerned about excessive bleeding and the risk of clotting in the shunt when Owen would have a liver transplant. Which he before he came in the nurse practicioner came in and said he was on the liver transplant list. {which was news to us! we didn't even know he didn't one} He basically said he didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery because he doesn't know enough and it seems to risky. He wants to wait it out since Owen is stable and do a liver transplant first. So this had us going around circles not sure what the heck is going on. So we told the nurse we want to get a second opinion and asked for papers to release his medical records. Then the Dr. on the floor came in and told us that our cardiologist and GI doctors were coming in around 5 to talk to us.
They talked about a few different scenarios. One: do the temporary shunt which is what we originally came in for and hope it helps his liver grow. The downside to this is if he is on bypass for too long it could kill his liver.
Or we wait until a liver becomes available and do a transplant and the shunt on the same day. This seems to be the best scenario even though the risks are incredible.
Three: Is do nothing and enjoy him while we have him...
They said that the surgeon hadn't talk to the liver transplant team yet and that's why he doesn't feel comfortable doing it. We asked if we could get the top surgeon to take over.  They said the best place for both cardiology and GI would be in Toronto. They are emailing some contacts there to ask their opinions.  There are a few doctors there already that know of Owen's case.
They both said the best way to get things done is to stay here, that way everyone is not procrastinating on his case because he isn't in the hospital. The transplant team is supposed to come meet with us tomorrow and they're supposed to meet with the cardiac surgeons and figure out what they think is the best thing for Owen.
They put Owen on oxygen just to see if it'll help his stats go up. I wish they had an oxygen chamber.
We'll see what happens over the next couple of days. Please pray for us and the doctors for continual wisdom and peace in what to do.


  1. dearest friends, praying with a heavy heart, but remembering also that God truly is faithful in all things. Psalm 121. we love you all

  2. Prayers headed your way Ash! May the Lord bless and strengthen you all as you lean on Him! Sleep tight!

  3. Wait upon the Lord for he will renew you. He loves you with a everlasting love feel his arms wrapped around you during is time. "Lord, Take little Owen under your wing and hold there. There is no better place."

  4. ((sigh)) We'll continue to keep all in our thoughts and prayers.

    May his grace sustain you, his hand of provision and comfort be upon you, and may you be filled with OVERWHELMING peace - in this unique season of your life.

    Poor little guy - going through more things then many of us can even begin to imagine.

  5. praying for you.
    ~the herr's

  6. Praying for you all!! Let me know if there is anything we can do for you guys.

  7. Our hearts go out to Owen and to you. We will be praying!