Sunday, May 23, 2010

.alagilles syndrome

One of Owens IVs failed. So they came and took it out. They ran out of spots to put another one, I think they are just going to leave it out. One down three to go. Our nurse convinced the doctor to let us feed Owen next time he is stirring. We are going to try a bottle first to see if Ashley can get one more night of sleep while she can. If not the nurse is going to stand next to Ash and hold the art line. Our nurses this weekend have been outstanding.

Dr Natarajan came in and told us that if Owen didn't throw up right before his arrest he probably wouldn't of made it because you can't stick the things down his throat. That's just another testament to God's hand in Owens' life. Everything that happens is "Well if that wouldn't of happened he wouldn't of made it."

They still don't know why he arrested or what he has. They've mentioned a stomach bug but, have no evidence. We told Dr. Natarajan that he is just telling us his heart can handle a liver transplant.

I added a text message update link on the side. If you enter your cell we will send out a text when something important happens. That way we can get the word out as quickly as possible.

Thanks once again for everything.

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