Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1/12 3:30pm

Owen's fever finally broke this morning. He seems to be doing better. He had a test to check to see if his urine was refluxing into his kidneys. We should get those results tomorrow. They moved his biopsy back to Thursday. The nurse said if he is stable and fine 24 hours after the test we might get discharged! They're going to start him on Ursodiol tonight to try to flush out the bilirubin.
 They were supposed to come last night at 8 to draw more blood. No one ever came. The doctor finally decided to do it herself and she couldn't get anything out and she poked him three times. The guy came in to do it at 6am and he got it the first time. I'd imagine when that's all you do all day you're pretty good at it.

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