Thursday, January 14, 2010

Liver Biopsy

Today is Owens liver biopsy.  Please be praying that they will be able to get what they need and that there won't be any complications.  I just spoke with the doctor and she said that as long as he isn't having bleeding he will be discharged tomorrow!!!  YIPPIE!!!!!  Owen did not want to sleep last night!  He was wide awake from like 8:30-11:15 until they gave him benadryl!  That knocked him out!!  The reason they gave him benadryl was because he got a rash all over from the antibiotic he is on for his UTI.  If it isn't one thing it is another!  We will update when Owen is out of his biopsy!

Thanks for all of your prayers!


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  1. We will continue to pray for Owen and for you and Ian. Looking forward to having him come home!