Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We are all settled into our room at CHOP.  Owen had his echo done as soon as we got here.  We don't know the results of that.   We should know later this afternoon when his cardiologist Dr. Natarajan comes to see him.  The tech that did Owen's ultrasound was a little annoyed that he was crying.  Poor guy was hungry and just wanted to be left alone.  He will get his IV in sometime later today.  They also want to do a sweat test to see if he has Cystic Fibrosis.  I guess since it is such an easy test they are going to go ahead and do it.   It seems like they are still stumped as to what is going on and want to cover all of their fields.  We are praying when they go to do the cholangiogram tomorrow that everything seems fine and the surgeon won't have to move forward with doing the Kasai Procedure.  Although, yesterday when I spoke with Dr. Natarajan she told us that more times then not they end up doing the Kasai.  The doctor said that she thinks his surgery is scheduled for 7am tommorrow.. 

Please pray that Owen will recover quickly from whatever needs to be done to his little body and that if they have to do the Kasai it will be effective and he will not need a transplant!! 



  1. praying for you all, sweet girl!
    Aunt Amy

  2. We are praying that you feel God's peace as Owen rests in God's mighty hands.

    Ed and Robin

  3. Praying for you guys!!!!! We love you too!