Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We decided since Dr. Flake has never seen anything like Owen's case before that they need to name it after him. "Owie Atresia" was one suggestion, any others? We left the hospital around 5:30 or so to come to the Ronald Mcdonald House. We figured we could get a good nights rest that way and we think Owen hearing our voices was doing more harm to him then good. It would make him stir if we talked which in turn would give him lots of pain. Owen had a male nurse name Shawn taking care of him today and he was the best male nurse we have had by far. {Meet the Parents comes to mind...} It should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow and to see his recovery. We met a family in the Ronald Mcdonald Room at CHOP that had a daughter that is 3 and a half that was having the same heart surgery Owen will have in the next couple of months. They're really nice hopefully we can catch up with them more tomorrow. Also, one of my dad's tenants' daughter was getting her fourth surgery done today so they were hanging out in the RMR too.
 It's amazing after all Owen has been through he is still not as sick as some of the other kids in there and on the outside would apear to be a normal baby! There are kids that have been there for months and probably years.

                                                     You can see Owen's war bandage in this picture

Owen has three IVs, one catheter, oxygen{which should be removed tonight}, and a gastric line. He is on Morphine for the pain so he is really out of it. We went out to eat tonight other then hospital food! Not that the hospital food is bad but, you need a change of pace sometimes!


  1. aww-sweet baby boy. I love the pic of Ashley looking down at Owen, a very accurate portrait of a mother's love - makes my eyes misty. sleep good tonight guys. we continue to pray.

  2. poor little guy! We are praying for you! <3