Monday, January 25, 2010

We're finally home! We got home around 4:45pm. Owen was very happy to be in his car seat on the way home. He seems to be a little bit happier but, he still must be in alot of pain because he is miserable. I think he is overly tired too. He slept for about two hours this entire day. We saw our cardiologist today and she asked how our weekend was and why we were still around. She thought something might of happened. She did say she would see us on the same day GI wants to see us even if she isn't seeing patients that day. Which is great for us!
 They were trying to get Anna to drink something so that the doctors wouldn't put a feeding tube in her. I think she did end up taking some chocolate milk from a bottle. The doctors said there is some bleeding in the back of her brain, but that's no cause for alarm. {That's not how Dave took it...} Dave is also out of a job right now. Which is good so he can take care of the other kids while the mom stays with Anna, but not so good for the finances.
 We came home to a roof leak in our bathroom which is pretty normal whenever we go away. I'm hoping with this years tax return we can afford to get a new one put on. I'm not going to go back to work til Wednesday so I can take care of the roof and other odds and ends around here. I'm sure I will be helping Ashley take care of Owen and Owen taking care of Ashley.
Our church has meals lined up for us this week which is great because Owen is a little fuss pot and needs attention while he is healing.

I took these fun pictures of Ashley in the waiting area at CHOP.


  1. Welcome home sweet little Owen! We are all praying for you!

  2. Your little Owen has been through so much. He is the sweetest little guy. Love the pics! It breaks my heart to know he is still in pain. I will keep him in prayers that he continues to feel a lot better everyday and that he will forget all about these past few painful days. Enjoy being home you guys deserve it. Heart hugs!!!