Friday, January 8, 2010

We're going home for the weekend...

We are waiting for the optometrist to come up and check his eyes out before we get discharged. We have to come back on Monday to meet with cardiac anesthesia to figure out what anesthesia they need to use for his liver biopsy later on in the week. The hydascan showed that his liver bile ducts are blocked going into the intestine. They don't know why they're clogged or if it's not even an issue for him. The liver biopsy will rule out Biliary Atresia. Hopefully we will get out of here soon in time for the wedding rehearsal so, Ashley will know how to walk down the aisle properly. Oo yay! Optometrist is here. Carly {his nurse} just came in and after three failed attempts, they want to try to do another Catheter. The last one he pee'd right after they cleaned everything up and I went to grab the cup to catch it but, they took it away already. Keep praying for us and Owen and for perfect peace.

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