Sunday, January 24, 2010

Owen got his last IV out today. It was really bothering him. I think that probably hurts more then the wound from the surgery. His little fingers are all missing a layer or two of skin from the tape that keeps his hand strapped to the board. Next time I'm telling them they have to put gauze between the tape and his hand.
He gave me a big smile today and then he refused to sleep or let me put him down. They came in to do their rounds on each patient so I had to leave the room and he screamed for a few minutes and the nurse had to console. She said he finally went to sleep. Meanwhile we found "MadMex." It's actually on Moravian St.  not Walnut like it says on their website. It sits way back in the alley not to easy to find. Once we did find it they wouldn't let Ashley in because her ID was back in the car on 34th. We had to walk back to the car to get it. The food was ok. The salsa tasted like my mother in-laws.{which is a good thing} My chimichanga kind of tasted like motor oil at first but, it went away after the third bite. There is alot of other cool places to eat in that little back alley that look really cool. Very picturesque. Once again wishing I had camera that fit in my pocket and took good pictures.
 The nurse said they are just waiting for GI to say Owen can go home. Which is pretty frustrating because I thought they talked about all that on Friday. Hopefully tomorrow will be the day we can get out of here. I'm sure Dr. Natarajan will make sure we do. We better 24 is on tomorrow!
 Anna head some scary stuff happen today. I saw her mom this morning and she said she was doing great but, while I was talking to Dave in the afternoon they were taking her to get a brain scan because she hasn't been responding and is staring into nothing. They wanted to make sure there wasn't a brain clog. It came back negative but, they had to have someone else review to rule it out. Scary stuff! Keep praying for them!

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