Thursday, January 21, 2010


Owen woke up today for about a half hour, they only gave him a half dose of pain medication before we left at 7:30 his last dose was at noon! Yesterday I think they were giving it to him at least every two hours. If he doesn't have anymore breathing episodes and has a bowel movement he should head over to the step down unit tomorrow! They'll remove his catheter, his art line, his oxygen, and his gastric tube.
 One of our pastors came down to visit us today and restated if there is anything we need to just let them know. It's very comforting to know that we have a church family as well as a regular family so eager to help us.
 The family we met in the RMR told us about a movie that is about the man who perfect the Tetralogy of Fallot surgery. It's called, "Something the Lord Made." It looks really good.
 We decided to sign up for a research study they're doing on Biliary Artresia. They approached us about it last week but, since we were still unsure what the diagnosis was and were a little bit overwhelmed at the time we turned them down. What they'll do is examine left over blood samples and stuff and try to figure out why Biliary Artresia  happens and stuff like that. They'll take our blood samples as well to see if there is a genetic link. Hopefully it'll help other babies in the future.
 Please pray for my dad's tenants' daughter Anna, she had complications last night and they had to do emergency surgery this morning. Her heart started leaking somewhere as I understand it. When we left her her blood pressure was really really low. They're whole family has been plagued with one misfortune after the other and I don't think they're christians; hopefully us and my parents can be good witnesses to them, which could be why we are at the hospital at the same time.
 We went to this really cool restaurant a block away from the Ronald Mcdonald House for dinner. It's called, "Distrito." I noticed it last night when we went by because a couple was having dinner in the window sitting inside a VW bug. Of course then we had to eat there. It was really good. It's mexican family style however, the portions are not very big. It's 9pm so we weren't about to eat a buffet anyway and I think we all left satisified. I wanted to take pictures but, we left the camera at the RMH. I think we need to invest in a Panasonic Lumix just to carry around.


  1. ian, i think our camera is a lumix. you are more than welcome to have it while down at the hospital. Let me know and i will send it down with gwen. Continuing to pray for you all!!!
    Aunt Amy

  2. Dear Owen,

    I wanted to write a brief letter to you, as yesterday I had the privilege to visit you at CHOP. There were a few things that I was struck by during my visit. Clearly it is a blessing to have such skilled doctors and facilities nearby. And to see you being so well cared for and loved by your family reminded me that this whole process is being undergirded by a loving Heavenly Father who holds you in the palm of His mighty hands.

    But of all the things that stood out to me (and if you ever get a chance to read all the postings of this blog will stand out to you too) is that God is at work in wonderfully, mighty ways in your mom and dad. To talk with them and hear their faith and trust in God, to see them rest in God's daily provision, to hear their thankfulness for each moment with you and the care you are receiving, and to hear their joy, even in the midst of trial... you are a blessed child! God has given you parents that exude Christ-likeness in their dependence and submission to the Father.

    I pray that as you grow and learn about your parents, you see a picture of God and His Son as they relate to you!

    With Love,

    Mr. O'Mara