Friday, January 29, 2010

My dad and I went down to CHOP tonight to visit Anna. She is doing better...  They took all of her tubes out. She is still on a breathing tube and has one IV in. I think her mom said that one was getting infected; which would explain her fever. They're having a hard time getting her to eat. If they could get past that and her fever breaks they'd be able to go home in two or three days the doctors said! My dad talked to Dave on the phone and he said, "That praying really worked!"  Steph said it's very lonely being there and she was very glad we came to vist them. She cried when we prayed for them.
 Thanks to everyone who brought us meals this week. That was a load off our backs since, Owen needed lots of attention as he was healing. He is doing much better. He doesn't even cry when we change his diapers now.
Here's a fun picture my mom took on her phone...

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