Thursday, January 21, 2010

I called to check up on Owen this morning and apparently sometime this morning he decided he was going to hold his breath.  His heart rate dropped so they put the oxygen mask on him.  He is fine now.  It only lasted for a short bit.  They said it is most likely because he is in so much pain and all the pain meds.  They checked his blood gases and everything looks fine there and they also did a chest x-ray and that looks fine as well.  If he continues to have these kind of episodes they will need to do further testing.  Pray that the Lord will take his pain away so they can cut back on some of the drugs they are giving him.  It also doesn't help that he isn't allowed to eat.  He is a boy that loves his mommys milk!  Hopefully sometime today if all goes well I can start nursing him or at least give him a bottle if he will take it.  Yesterday, when we saw him he was sucking away the entire time. 

Ian and I got a good night sleep!  I can't wait to get back to the hospital to see our sweet boy!!



  1. praying hard for you all! love you!

  2. Those pictures just break my heart. :(
    So glad that he came out of surgery o.k. but we will be praying hard that his pain is diminished quickly in Jesus name.