Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in the CICU...

Owen still has a fever hovering around 100.  He was up to 101.5 last night when we first got here. We didn't get transferred from the ER to CICU til 3am. They put us in our own room this time with a couch, sleep chair, and a shared bathroom. I'm not sure if I will be staying here or not. They typically only allow one parent to stay overnight.  A friend of mine has an apartment near Temple and said I could stay with him while we are down here.
  They started him on antibiotics for his UTI and are planning on doing the liver biopsy on Wednesday; assuming his fever breaks. They said there is a small chance that the UTI is causing the liver issues.  The reason they checked his eyes last week was for Alagille Syndrome Which he checks out on alot of the facial features and heart problems. I guess they'll be able to diagnose that officially after the liver biopsy.
For the next few days it'll be more urine samples, blood samples, and they're going to test his bladder and kidneys just to make sure his urine isn't backing up. I can't imagine it is, he pees too much!
 We had to do our first rectal tempature check. That was a less then thrilling experience for both of us.

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