Monday, January 18, 2010

We met with Dr. Flake this morning. Our surgery/test is scheduled for Wednesday. Tomorrow we will be going to CHOP around 10am. They need to draw more blood and check his blood type incase there is a blood transfusion needed during the surgery. Our cardiologist wants to have an echo done on Owens' heart as well as get him hooked up on an IV so he is well hydrated for the surgery. She wants to make sure his heart can handle a backflow of something  from the liver during the surgery.
What's going to happen on Wednesday? Dr. Flake will check Owen's liver by putting a dye in it to see how everything is flowing. He'll observe this through Xrays and a small inscision he will make on Owen's side. He'll also do another liver biopsy. IF it shows that it is Biliary Artresia and he said he can be sure once he see's the liver then he will continue with the surgery known as the "Kasai Procedure." He said he has never lost a patient doing this surgery but, the success rate is only 60% meaning 40% will still need a liver transplant sometime in their lifetime.  He should be out of the hospital five days after the surgery. We pray none of this is needed of course. If he does all his testing and sees that it is not Biliary Artresia then he will close Owen back up and we go back to GI to see what else it could be. Owen has been super happy the last couple of days hopefully this won't rain on his parade.
 We're not sure were we will be staying either. Owen will probably be in the CICU after the surgery which means Ashley won't be able to stay over night with him. I would imagine he wouldn't be able to eat right away either. I think we are going to look into the Ronald Mcdonald House again.
 We went to Taco Bell for lunch today and I was sitting with Owen and old man sitting next to me said, "I bet your life changed with him!" If he only had a clue!


  1. Thanks for this update ... praying the surgery goes well on Wednesday for Owen!

  2. Yes! We're praying too.

    I like the last line in your post, about the old man's comment and then your response..."if he only had a clue". It's amazing how words will ebb and flow around us. There is meaning to things said and then there are the deeper meanings to things said. And God has His hand in ALL of it!! He knows the end from the beginning. He is the Sustainer of it ALL. May you feel His Hand on Wednesday - even today, and the days to follow...