Thursday, January 7, 2010


There is nothing really new to report. The ultrasound didn't reveal anything abnormal. We went down to the radiology department for more testing and we were told not to feed him for four hours before. You can imagine how he liked that... When we got there the tech said that not feeding him wasn't necessary.  It's an hour long test and he screamed for about... all of it.  We are going back down there at four to get more testing done. They put some sort of radioactive liquid in through his IV and see how and where everything is going. The tech said it sounds bad but, using dye has side effects and this radioactive liquid doesn't.
 Dr Natarajan has been checking in with us a couple of times a day and explaining everything to us. Which is great because the nurses can be not so helpful when it comes to what's going on sometimes. She's also genuinely concerned with him. If you ever need a cardiologist she comes highly recommended.
  Sometime today he is going to get a Catheter because, the urine sample they got earlier was contaminated.
   They did say his bilirubin levels have gone down but, not out of the margin of error. Now they want him to see an optometrist tomorrow.
On a CHOP side note:  The cafeteria looks like it's all done with construction. Now you can access the Carvel stand from the exit which was it's downfall when they were working on it. Who would want to get ice cream when they get their meal? Now you can get it after you eat.  The chinese is good there but, today I just got turkey and cheese on multi-grain bread and that could be my new favorite. Oh and they don't take Discover which is a pretty big bummer for us because that's all we use.
Time to go get more testing...

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