Saturday, January 23, 2010

Owen is getting better bit by bit. He's down to getting his pain medications orally and pretty rarely. You can tell by his face he is pretty sore. He did give us a  real smile right before he fell asleep at 7pm. Ashley is staying at the hospital tonight so she can breast feed him. She got a sleep room right in the CICU so she doesn't have to walk to the other side of the hospital. I'm staying at the RMH. Dr. Flake came by today and said from a GI stand point Owen can go home tomorrow. Cardiac wants to make sure he's gaining weight and won't let him go home tomorrow. I think Owen is ready to get home; he looks home sick.
 Ashley and I went to Peronis Pizza for dinner. We were looking for Mad Mex, but couldn't find it and didn't have the address. So we walked around til we saw something. It was good to get some fresh air! I'm going to write it down tonight so we can go tomorrow.
 Anna isn't waking up last time I talked to Dave, her dad. It's probably from all the pain medication. They said they're looking at one or two weeks in the hospital yet.

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